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Transform your home into a smart home

Control your place with MyPlace


MyPlace works with your existing items and wiring, so it’s affordable and easy to turn your current home into a smart home.

Australian Owned

MyPlace is a proudly Australian technology company, committed to producing quality products.


MyPlace is simple to use. It makes life easier by giving you smart control over the things you use every day.

Additional Control

With the MyPlace app you can control your smart home system from wherever you are.

Simplify your home with a system that turns ordinary products into smart products

Air Conditioner

MyAir is your premium smarter air conditioning solution.

Cool or heat your place before you get home, set unique temperatures for different rooms in your place, and lower your energy bills.

Let everyone have their room, their way.

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By adding MyMonitor to your MyPlace home hub you will have the ability to set up to 20 events. How you use MyMonitor is only limited by your imagination. Set it to send a notification to your smart device when the kids get home from school, or the kidults walk in at night. Know when the cleaner arrives – and leaves; or if there’s an intruder and which room they’re in.


You feel safer when you can see. With MyPlace and MyLights, you can turn on the lights before you get home at night, so you’ll never trip over that wobbly paver again. Enjoy smart home automation by setting a scene so it looks like you are at home, no matter how long the holiday.

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MyGarage cures the nagging doubt over whether you closed the garage door. MyGarage and the MyPlace app give you peace of mind by sending automated notifications to your phone alerting you if the garage is open and enabling you to close it simply via the app. You can control up to two garage doors from anywhere.

And much more

MyPlace will future-proof your home. Its modular form allows you to expand and add more items now, or later, the choice is yours. MyPlace gives you smart control over most 240-volt hard-wired items. Enhance your smart home by connecting more items and making those smart too.

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Watch the MyPlace demo

Get started with building your smart home

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